Let's save the bees!

Found a group of bees?

Don't want to be stung?

Worried about personal and family safety when there are bees nesting in the house? Don’t know what to do to not be stung?

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Bee role in ecosystem

In addition to producing valuable honey, bees actually play an important role in the sustainability of biodiversity. Bees are located at the beginning of the food chain. It begins by polinate the flowers that will become fruit. Then the fruit becomes a herbivorous animal food like a squirrel that later becomes a carnivorous animal’ food like a tiger. If bees are disappear, the ecosystem will be collapsed.

Bees are endangered

Bee habitats and foraging areas are declining. The bee population is also decreasing. With climate change and the widespread use of insecticides in agriculture, bees are threatened with extinction.

Sustain the bees, for world sustainability

Join us as an activist

Persatuan Penyelamat Lebah Malaysia – MY Bee Savior Association
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